Sunday, July 17, 2016

white, black and denim

Loving mules lately! They are so easy to wear and so trendy, this ones are from Modatoi and you can find them here. 
White shirts are a must in everyones closet, no matter whats your style, because they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, of course i have normal ones, but the ones that i really like lately and that i want to fill my closet with are the different, cutout, open back, one shoulder, drop shoulder ones, that are such a wide range of interesting and different white shirts out there and i want every single one of them! This shirt is from a brand that i love - Delphine the Label - if you like timeless, minimal, and cute pieces you have to check them out, everything is gorgeous! Find Delphine the Label here.
I could live with only a brand like Delphine the Label and a Thrift store where i can find interesting vintage findings, like jeans denim jackets or vintage bags to match with classic and timeless pieces.


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. sensational styling and beautiful high-heeled shoes. Share your outfit on my blog. Greetings and welcome to me