Monday, December 14, 2015

f l a r e

Lace ups are my thing! Love this top to death, how can a simple piece be so minimal and extravagant? It's really the perfect top to wear in a night out or a special dinner, or to wear during the day if you're a edgy person, i really don't care about that, if i want i'll wear it by morning, the only thing i would avoid is to wear it to classes, i don't think it's very appropriate :)
This are really the kind of tops that make me want to try different styles and combination, i can imagine it with black jeans a oversized black coat or with a suede skirt and over the knee boots, but i really love how it turned out with flare jeans.
The top is from OASAP and you can find it here.
Love to see this ankle boots with bell bottoms, love how the delicate pointy shape of the front work with the chunky heel, this are my new favorite pair of ankle boots, you will see them a lot :) They are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.

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