Saturday, December 12, 2015

k n i t t e d

All cozy and knitted up. Love knits in light colors like this creamy white, just feels so cozy and wintry. This is one the most comfortable looks i wore lately and it's one of my favorite too, because i still fell put together, is not justa sloppy comfortable look.
Love this skirts so much, love the color and i just love cable knit so much, the skirt is from Miss Patina and you can find it here
I'm wearing my Adidas Superstar oldies again, because i just love the color they gained after all this years, much more beije or yellow and i really prefere that to the refrigerator white ones and they work amazing with warmer whites like this two pieces.
All of this gorgeous rings are from Galisfly, check them out, Galisfly has amazing jewels from rings (my favorites) to earrings, bracelets and necklaces, everything is amazing. Find them out here

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  1. I absolutely love this look, the whole knitted co-ord is so on point! x