Tuesday, December 15, 2015

b l a c k & g r e y

Black and grey is my favorite combo. I believe i'm wearing this combination at least 5 times a week lately. There are just so many possible combinations and i love it all.
I really like mom jeans but i never know why but i tend to forget about this on my closet for months and every time i notice them i'm like: yeah love this jeans, have to wear them, and then i forget about them again, they are such a nice change from the skinny really black jeans that i usually wear. I've found them on Asos.
Lately i'm wearing a lot of lace ups, but they tend to be to revealing and sexy this one is such a nice change, is so comfortable and covers me up much better, plus is grey, that's always a pro.
My recent favorite pair of ankle boots are this, i've wearing them non stop since i have them, love everything about them, the fact that they are black, love the croc print, the chunky heel the pointy front, the boots are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.

Also i've been wearing this amazing sets of rings from Galisfly in every way possible, they are so cute and minimal, go check Galisfly out, you'll find the perfect gift to give your girl friends this Christmas and will buy everything i'll find for yourself :)


  1. Literally every piece in this outfit is perfect and even more so put together. Especially LOVE the coat and jeans. Gorgeous look!


  2. Gorgeous top! I love this look.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  3. That coat is perfect. Every time you wear it, I swoon over it!