Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poncho scarf

Blue, white and grey for a change.
Black is always my go to color, my base color, this time i decided to try out blue instead.
Jeans with a plain white top and a casual and comfortable blue and grey poncho scarf to keep me warm.
In this look i'm wearing a pair of point toe ankle boots, very chic, and that breaks the casual vibe of everything else a bit, but if you want to go total casual, this would look very cool with white sneakers too.
The poncho scarf is from OASAP and you can find it here.
This dark indigo jeans are from Celeb Look and you can find them here.
And finally the boots are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.
Happy holidays everybody :)


  1. very cute! I could never walk in those shoes tho haha, good job!

  2. I love the poncho!Lovely style!

  3. super:) xx