Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn/winter must haves

Decided to make a list of my autumn/winter must haves. Although i love the 70s vibes since i remember i'm still in love with a minimal style! 
And grey as to be the biggest minimal color (also white) i love to wear grey for all kinds of occasions, and my favorite type of clothes in that color are oversized coats and sweaters, and knits knits knits! From a knit sweater, to a knit skirt, passing for a knit dress and also knit scarves!
This choices i have here are all fork SheIn and you can find the coat here, the oversized sweater here, the knit skirt here and the knit dress here.
I'm also completely stuck with lace up everything, just love it! It's so sexy and for a special occasion works amazing even on winter with a nice coat over it. The lace up body suites are amazing with a pair of black or denim jeans and can easily go from the sexiest piece to wear to casual and sporty when combined with a pair of sneakers. Lace up dresses are perfect for a special dinner, the same for the lace up jumpsuit, always a nice and quick choice. 
You can find the top here, the jumpsuit here and the dress here
Although i mostly wear black and sober colors this winter i'm completely into khaki and olive or armi green, it can be so classy and minimal, specially the coats!
You can find he khaki coat here, the armi green/olive coat here and the dress here

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