Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lace dress and lace up boots.

Finally i'm back :) Missed blogging so much, but i had the flu and the weather here in Portugal this last days is awful, pouring rain all the time, windy as hell! Today is kinda grey and dark but i couldn't wait to take some pics. Love this dress so much, the lace details are awesome and the swing shape of it is always flattering, love specially the neck because it kinda looks like a choker and the v neck lace is so cute. This dress is from SheIn and it comes in so many amazing colors, find it here. My obsession since summer is lace up shoes, and this boots are my favorite right now, can't wait to wear them with everything, midi body con dresses for a minimal look, jeans or even shorts. They are so cute and the heel is not very high what makes them very comfortable and more casual than the stiletto ones that are almost too sexy and much more appropriate to wear at nigh, this kind of hell though is perfect to wear all day. The boots are from Ego and you can find them here. I've been wearimg a boring black case in my iphone forever it was time to find cute ones :) this one has such cool drawings and since it' black and white goes with almost all my clothes, it's from One Little Forest and you can find it here

Well Halloween is almost here, only two more days!I love Halloween so much, but haven't decide yet what to wear, last year my costume was Wednesday Addams, and the year before that i went as Catrina with a day of the death skull painted in my face, and before that as a zombie. This year i'm having trouble finding the perfect costume, what will you guys wear?

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