Friday, October 9, 2015

All black in ripped jeans

All black will always be my favorite thing! From a more edgy look, to a more chic look or even in a casual one, black is always black! This day i took some photos with one my boyfriend's bikes, one of the loves of his life hahaha. Lately i'm very interested in having lot's of jeans, because he loves to ride his bike and to go everywhere on it, but i'm almost always in a skirt (as you know like 80 to 90% of my closet is made of skirts and dresses) and then i can't and he gets sad, so i have to invest in good quality jeans for those days :) It's a bit awkward when i wear heels on it, but i can't leave everything behind :) so my heels stay with us! This all black outfit has interesting items like this top, is just so cute with the strappy crossed back, it's from Style Moi and you can find it here. I know that the weather for this kind of tops is coming to an end but i always like to have tops like this even during the winter, because they are cool to wear underneath a jumper or coat in a night out, because inside the bars is always too warm for winter clothes. The jeans are from RumJungle and you can find them here, i cropped mine in the bottom, to make match the ripped knees.