Thursday, October 8, 2015

Buttoned up in denim

I was kind of obsessing about a denim dress since last Spring, love them to death! But i never found the perfect one, 'till i saw this one on Zaful's website! It's gorgeous and when i saw it in person i loved it even more, because the denim has so much quality, is thick and just the right amount of stretchy, the color is deep and vibrant and it fits me perfectly without any arrangements. If you don't know or if you think that you are the only one that can't find clothes that fits you perfect, welcome to the club! I have to fix 90% of all my clothes, my waist is always to small for the bottoms that fit me in my hips and butt, i always find the mini skirt too long so i almost always cut them, so when i find a perfect fit piece i go nuts about it. And this dress is a perfect fit, and you can find it here. This shoes are one of the reasons i don't want summer to go away :( although i love autumn, i just don't want to stop wearing them, they are from LoudLook and you can find them here.  Hope you like this look :)


  1. super:)) xx

  2. That dress is beautiful! I really love the denim dresses.

    Rachel |

  3. I was really doubting whether or not to get this one. Now kinda sad I didn't haha! Looks gorgeous on you :)

  4. you look so great... just WOW <3 and your make-up is perfection!