Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jeans and heels

Have this pair of jeans since my seventh grade if i'm nit mistaken. I remember that they were so big and that i liked them that way, now they fit me tight and i made them a little bit tighter in the ankle area, because i love 501 so much but don't like when they are too wide near my feet and cabs. Love the color of this jeans and i've been trying to figure out how i want to wear them for years, first i wanted to cut them into shorts but then i realized they are just to good to chop! The ripped the details are so cute and they make me wanted to wear this jeans only with beige and light colors like that. I made this top out of a regular cami, cut it open in the middle and stitched to the straps in the back making a cross effect in the front, but it can also turn it to a knot.   This is the most classic pair of jeans and i wanted to wear them in a classic and simple way. Hope you like it.