Friday, August 14, 2015

70s vibes and metallic tattoos

Still completely obsessed with this flash tattoos from Style Moi, you can have them for free only by signing up in here. The package is huge, 4 sets that each set can cover you two arms and hands, this one has black accents and they are so awesome. Have some other ones to show you guys soon. This top is also from Style Moi and is one of my favorites to wear this summer it looks cool in outfits with 70s or bohemian vibes like this, in minimal all black looks so sweet too and i even love to wear it on the beach with high waisted bikini bottoms, you can find the top here. Have this flare jeans for a couple of years but got tired of them a long ago and stop wearing them, know i love them so much again, the only thing i don't really like about them is how tall they make my legs look, because i look much skinnier in person that on my photos, the photos make me look actually around 10 pounds over my actual figure and this jeans with this very high platforms make me look very skinny and tall because my height is 170 cm plus this over 15 cm shoes and i turn over 185 cm tall with only 52kg. 


  1. i love the top and i really like those metallic tattoos !!!

  2. what a perfect look! Where are these shoes from? They are just AWESOME <3

  3. That's a good look! ;)
    Have a nice weekend :)

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  4. Love you!!! all your outfits! Could you tell me, where did you bought that silver necklace? I have been searching for a similar for soooo long! :)