Thursday, August 20, 2015

Glam rock

Always loved glam rock looks, 6 years ago this was the only kind of outfit i wore, skinny jeans with fitted leather or denim jackets or check tight shirts and elegant heels kinda miss that kind of outfit because it classic, edgy and very feminine. This amazing jacket makes me want to go back to that style so much because it has a glam rock vibe and i love the denim + PU leather + sequins fabric mix. The jacket is from Amuse Society, this band mixes beach and street and bohemian and rock and roll and all their items are unique beautiful pieces check them out here. This shoes are from Loud Look and i'm completely in love with them, i've been wearing them no stop since i have them and they look awesome with everything. You can find them here. To go with this kind of outfit i decided to go with a different kind of make up, bold smokey black eyes are so rock and edgy and i really like to try out different makeup.