Friday, November 21, 2014

I know you, you know me

Hi! I love to insert summer light fabrics in my winter outfits, and if there is something you can easily transform from summery to a winter piece is a skirt, floral are my faves to do that, love the contrast between light fabrics and cozy warm ones. This one is a dress from Motel Rocks, i like to wear my dresses as skirts adding different kinds of tops, in this outfit i'm wearing a white/cream shirt and a chunky jumper over it, this way i can be warm. Took this pics today after classes and some of them are in the beach, i believe i like the beach more in cold days :) Just because it's raining on and off i wore my parka today, also because i love how it looks with the colors of the skirt/dress. Hope you like this look.


  1. Que gira, adoro o look :)

  2. Nice:)xx

  3. Your outfit is on point! Love it x
    Holly x