Sunday, November 23, 2014

For we have been through hell and high tide

 Hi! So this weekend my parents came to visit me and we spent the weekend walking around on the beach and the city. I took this pics today near the beach, although it was around 3 in the afternoon the day was a bit dark, but warm. I usually only wear two colors or maybe three in a outfit but here i'm wearing four colors, although very sober: black, white, grey and brown. I had a pair of cable knit socks a a chunky knit scarf in grey because the lapel of this tartan blazer is a dark grey not black (although in the pics it look very dark, almost black). I love to have lots of different black mini skirts because they are o versatile and a must for me this gorgeous one is from Young Hungry Free and it's so soft, kind of a scuba fabrics and the shape of it is soso sweet, so girly. I chose a shirt with a sort of texture in the front and tried to avoid the plain ones. Hope you like today's outfit.