Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I can see all the weakness i can pick all the faults

Hi! This is one of my favorite looks this last days, this sweater was actually my boyfriend's, from when he was a kid ahahah, and then he gave it to me and now i love it, is so big and so warm, love how clumsy it looks and i love to cut that effect a little with heels. This pics are from this Monday, today is just to cold here raining like hell and impossible to take pics, i miss sun so much, when is this awful weather end? Well, soon, i hope! Can't wait for spring to come! Hope you like the photos, the post is a bit boring, because i'm sick of this awful winter :)


  1. Fabulous!! Amazing style! I definitely love your dark lipstick and your hair wow... I love how you mixed these pieces together! :) xx

  2. you're style is so great!
    i'm in love