Tuesday, January 14, 2014

There is a light that never goes out

Hi! So here is the look that i wore o Christmas day, as i told you yesterday, a bit more put together than the look that i used in christmas eve. As i told you before i bought the same maxi skirt from evil twin two times, because the first time i bought one i loved it so much that when the spring arrived i cut the front of and made it mini in the front and maxi on the back, making it more fresh, but i regret that the moment i finished so i had to buy another one right away. Then i had a rectangle of fabric from the first one and i designed this top with it, combining the velvet with leather from a old leather jacket that my mum had, i believe it turned out gorgeous, i love it. I love velvet and leather and i love to mix both, and that is perfect to do that, this look is entirely velvet and leather. From the rest of the leather fabric from the coat i designed a skirt, knee high, in a corset style to wear at New Years party, but it wasn't ready on time, i used another one. But when it is finish i will reproduce the look i wanted to wear that day and will show you. Hope you like this look and post.

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