Monday, January 13, 2014

Roses are red violets are blue

Hi! I've try to take some pics in this Christmas break but the weather here in Portugal is a living hell, raining all the time, the day are so dark and cold so i couldn't take no pics, so last week i reproduced the looks that i used on Christmas eve and christmas day, this was what i wore on 24th, i tried to be cozy but with some style so i add the heels, this is a look that i love, very simple to put on, but with interesting pieces and textures, the colors are black and white, as always, but i tried to make this outfit interesting by choosing a pair of leather look leggings instead of just black jeans, the white collar with spikes makes the jumper more appealing. The weather is awful again, never saw that much rain. Tomorrow i will post the look that i used on the 25th, that is more put together and less cozy than this one. Hope you like the look and the post.


  1. Beautiful photos! I can't help but to ask, do you edit your photos before posting on blog? If ever, what photo editor you used? Drop by on my blog if you have time ;)


  2. Hi, thanks for passing by, Yes i use photoshop just to modify the brightness and contrast to intensify or smooth some colors, because i don't know much about photoshop.