Sunday, September 24, 2017

Velvet, lace and denim

I really been missing blogging. I'm not finding the time later and that makes me very sad, as blogging is one of my favorite things to do, but life gets in the way so many times :(
Since i started working i almost can't take photos outside, because i only have a free day to share with my boyfriend and i don't want to use it all the times to take photos, i can only do it by myself on Saturdays and well i can't do it outside, and actually i didn't even found a beautiful place i the new city, so i prefere to take all the pics in. 
Since i only have Saturdays to shoot sometimes i have things to do and i end up not shooting on Saturdays as well and that sucks because i have to wait another entire week to shoot.
Well it been pretty complicated. Even when i find time to shoot, i don't find time to post, i took this photos maybe 3 weeks ago and i'm just posting them now, because this was the first time that i could do it.
This week i will try really hard to post so many outfits that i have on my camera and that i want to show you so much.
Here i'm wearing a casual outfits, i love to wear outfits like this during the weekend because it's so comfy but also kinda chic and put together.
The top is from Zaful and you can find it here.
The mules are from Missy Empire and you can find them here

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