Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Beginning of fall

I'm move in to a new place. Since i started working a full time job, a bit far from our place, we decided to move to the city both of us (me and my boyfriend) are working in. 
Love the new apartment but the will miss profoundly the other place, love the apartment and the location, we were so happy for 5 years there and it felt like a home to us. Now it's time to make great memories in the new place.
As the grey marble wall were i used to take all my photos in is right next to the other apartment i wont take my pics there anymore, so i think i will start to take the majority of my photos in, as i couldn't find a place that i love out. Will miss "my" wall a lot!
When it comes to my outfit, i am kind of obsessed about this pants, i have them for over a year i think, but they didn't fit me before, now i lost a little bit of weight and although they are pretty hard to come up on the hip area, they fit me perfectly once they do. They are from NA-KD. One thing i love about them is that i can wear them with flats, all my other loose leg trousers are too long and i can only wear them with high heels, this way i can be so comfortable, with loose pants and flat mules.
The mules are from Missy Empire.
To keep the look trendy i'm wearing one of my favorite prints, a black and white gingham, cutout shoulder top, the top is from Sammy Dress and you can find it here.


  1. What a lovely chic look! Love the gingham and black pants combo!



  2. Enjoy the new apartment! Btw this outfit is so chic!!
    Areli's April // Bloglovin