Monday, May 29, 2017

Casual in flats

If i had to choose my favorite pair of shoes right now (from all of them, sneakers to flats, to heels) i would have to say this ones.  I'm obsessed!
First of all i was dying to have some cool flat mules, then i really wanted a different thing, there is lots of them out there but they all kinda look the same, but not this.
They have thios feather detail but they are still so simple, and i love how they look with a plane white tee and a pair of vintage jeans, because they can turn the most causal look into something much more elegant, chic and different.
I also love them with dark jeans, a white shirt and a trench coat (black or beige), so so chic, or with a lace satin pajama like top, like this, so trendy.

The shoes are from Dropp and you can find them at Prof here.

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