Monday, May 29, 2017

Black and white

Don't you love this dress?
It's my new favorite, I always live body-con ribbed black dresses, and i own quite a few, but i absolutely love the white tie detail. Here i tied it up in a bow on the back, but i also wore it crossed in the front with a simple knot in the back, or with just a simple knot with long tips on the back or on the front. This white detail makes it so different from the regular ones out there.
Plus, the quality of this dress is really amazing, and ribbed dresses tend to be a little to warm sometimes, and this one is so fresh.
The dress is from VIPme and you can find it here. VIPme always have such amazing pieces, so trendy and even better with amazing quality. 
I love the minimalist of a black and white look.
I really like off the shoulder tops and that's why i'm wearing it like this, but you can put the sleeves up and wear it in a more covered up way.
One of the reasons why i really like body-con dresses like this is because i can wear them during the day with a pair of sneakers and still look put together but casual, or add a pair of heels and wear it to a dinner or night out, and be effortlessly elegant. 
By using the code: Claudia572 at VIPme you can get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50.
You know how much i love my name necklaces and this one is really cute and different, it's from Name Necklace and you can find it here, i just like to wear real silver.