Monday, March 6, 2017


Hey guys, been a little absent because, the weather is awful again and i couldn't shoot any new outfits, today i found i little time to shoot when the rain stopped for a bit.

I've been wanting a round mini bag forever, for years really, but i just found the perfect one, and i'm so in love with it!! This one is from VIPme and you can find it here. You guys already now that all my bags are form VIPme, at least my favorite ones are, from backpacks, to totes, crossbody or mini, they always have my favorite ones. Not only because they are gorgeous but because they are just as good, the quality of the leather is amazing and they last forever.
I kinda like big bags (not to big as i don't even own a really big bag) but when the spring/summer season arrives i just like to wear little bags, they work so much better with fresh outfits.
Go check VIpme bags out, you will find something gorgeous for sure, i'm so in love with a lot of bags from there and really want a cute red one that i saw on the website, i really need a red one ;)

Use the code: Claudia526 for a 5$ discount in your purchase over $50 at

As the new season gets closer i'm already so tired of my winter wardrobe and i really want to style some fresh clothes for a change, layering is the perfect way to introduce some summer pieces into you "still winter" wardrobe. Personally i'm such a big fan of the cami over a tee (or even over a sweater or shirt) trend, here i'm wearing my new favorite velvet top, it's from SheIn and you can find it here, i can see me wearing this top all summer long!
Jeans + tee are from NA-KD and you can find them here, NA-KD have the best vintage Levi's collection, and you can use the code: Holynights for 20% off at
I know it's raining but i really want to wear this gorgeous boots from Ego, i can' wait for better weather, because every time i look at them, they literally call for my name XD

Hope you like this laid back outfit.