Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fur lined denim jacket and mules

You now all black is my weakness!
Lately i've been trying to wear a little bit more color, or just denim and white as i almost only wore black for years, but i have to confess, black is my thing! When i wear black it's when i feel more me, and it just seems so right.
And i love how versatile all black can be, you can be punk, gothic, or you can be artistic, or even romantic, sometimes also sweet, and be in a all black outfit.
Lately i've been very into denim jackets and this black one is my favorite, i also have to confess that Levi's it's like black for me, it's one of my favorite brands since forever, and when it comes to jeans and denim it is my number one, my absolute favorite. So that's why i love this jacket so much, plus it has a fake fur lining that makes it to warm :)
I always love those kind of days that you ca n use something very warm and something fresh together, when it's warm enough to wear sandals, or mules in this case, or even to wear a skirt without stockings and at the same time fresh enough to wear knits or warm coats, maybe i'm crazy;D
I'm IN LOVE with this mules from Ego, they are the coolest shoes ever, and they are actually not that fresh because of the fur lining. You can find the mules here.
Can't wait for this awful weather to go away to wear this mules again (i hate rain, the days are ugly, and nothing is comfortable, i hate being outside during rainy days, unless they are rainy summer days off course).


  1. All black everything, you look amazing! <3

  2. super:) xx


  3. Love the casual chic outfit. Love how it matches the background! <3 :)

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