Saturday, February 4, 2017


Love this coffee color! Hate coffee tho :) i don't like how bitter it is, but i love everything coffee flavored, coffee ice cream is one of my favorite, ever dessert with coffee, like tiramisu, coffee and milk and i also love how it smells but really hated alone by itself, and if i drink just a bit i manage to stay awake for like 2 day in a raw, guess my metabolism is to weak for it and i'm already pretty energetic.
Well but coffee sweaters are errthang! This one is the perfect one because it's warm enough not to wear a coat, i love how this earthy colors look when paired with denim, but i'm never brave enough to loose the black completely, i'm trying really hard tho :)
How cool are this sunglasses? When it comes to glasses i'm really picky and i only own one pair (a Ray ban round ones, but i keep stealing all my boyfriend's Ray ban, guess i'm such a freak for Ray Bans!), 'till now because i really ove this ones, they are from Way Darby and you can find them here, don't forget to use my code: “holynights_c15” for a 15% off discount!
Both sweater and bag are from VIPme, one of my favorite online shops ever!

And i definitely need to buy more vintage denim, but i never find pretty colors :(

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