Friday, January 27, 2017

Velvet boots

Every time i wear a black turtleneck + black coat over the shoulder combo i always feel like i'm channeling my inner either Kylo Ren or Darth Vader! hahaha, i actually even use to hum Darth Vader's song when i'm walking, on my mind and sometimes loud hahaha!
What inspired me to put up this outfit were this amazing boots! I'm such a sucker for velvet and being grey one of my favorite colors i was immediately in love when i first saw this boots. I love the really chunky heel, and platform boots are always so comfy to walk around all the day.
This boots are from Dropp and you can shop them here, they are for sale at and come in lots i means really lots of amazing colors, i personally love the blue ones to death, and also the burgundy ones, not to mention that i off course had to have the black velvet ones too!
If you are a fan of velvet shoes you really have to check Dropp out because they have so many styles! And they are on sale, so grab your pair of great boots for a great price too!


  1. You are absolutely right, these boots are amazing. The color is really pretty as well.

  2. Love this outfit and your looks great!!
    Love this outfit and your looks great!!


  3. Have a good day :) With best best wishes :)

  4. great hair, love your black outfits.