Sunday, February 12, 2017

By your side

This gorgeous boots from Dropp inspired me to put a look with my boyfriend, and today i'm making a kind of "how to match with bae" post.
Since i've met my boyfriend, almost 13 years ago, that we've been matching our outfits, not on purpose, but because we tend to love the same styles at the time and our outfits really go well together. We always have similar shoes (when i'm not wearing heels of course :D), and we use the same color pallets all the time, and also my love for oversized coats makes me have coats very similar to his coats and very often makes me steal his own coats and jackets.
To match your boyfriend you don't need to wear the exact same outfit, but the styles need to be similar and have some elements that are kind of matching but that can be more feminine, here the best example are the boots, a simple black leather chelsea boots with elastic on the side, that match my boyfriend's but are much more feminine as the sole is a bit more chunky and the overall boots is more round. You can find this boots here, they are in sale, and you can shop that for an amazing price, this is such a classic boots that can be wore forever really and in almost every occasion.
Dropp has so many amazing shoes, from elegant heels, to casual boots, go check them out!
Hope you like this post ;)

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