Monday, February 13, 2017

Bell sleeves and snake skin boots

A new place just for a change :)
Bell sleeves are one of my fav things, really! I love them and they just seem so vintage and retro to me, i love turtlenecks as well what makes this sweater one of my new favorite, and because of that you will see it a lot.
The sweater us from New Look and you can find the sweater here, the boots are also from New Look, New Look always has amazing shoes, and if you very into some new trend they will have it for sure as they are so on the spot and they always have the latest trends. I'v been really into snake skin boots lately, love them with denim like this and love them (probably even more) with a all black outfit.

I'm really thinking in finding new places to shoot, i love the marble wall where i use to take my photos but i also wanna have new places on my pics, what do you think?

Hope you like this look.