Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter grey's

My first 2017 look had to be back or at least very close to black!
I absolutely love this shade of grey, it's so dark and during winter i tend to wear it even more than black. Something about it is so retro and it has that masculine vibe that i love.
My favorite pieces form this look as to be the coat, i was looking for a dark grey coat for so long and finally found the perfect one! It's from Jollychic and you can find it here.
I can say that this is the sweater i wore the most since the cold days began, it's so comfy and the coziest, and i just love how high the tutleneck it, that way i can throw my hair under it and be as comfortable as one can be. The sweater is from Stylewe and you can find it here.
I've been wearing heels since high school, i was in my late 17s, early 18s when i started using high heels, and at the time i was 20/21 i was wearing them everyday, i only wore at least 15 cm high heels everyday, and i was like that for years, but i'm so glad the mid heel came back because they are so much comfortable, i wear this boots in a everyday basis and i don't even find them less comfortable than flats, i can walk or run in them and my feet never hurt! Comfiest heels ever! the boots are from 4th & Reckless.


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  2. Nice:) xx