Monday, October 3, 2016

PJ blazer: two ways to wear.

I simply adore the pijama blazer trend as much as i love the lingerie like tops, and i decided to wear them together. I think both blazer + top really match and work so well together, but this combo is also very chic that's why i decided to wear it with ripped, casual and vintage mom jeans, the jeans really bring the elegant vibe down and make this top + blazer combo perfect to wear during the day.
This way i can be casual and chic easily resulting in a very effortless chic look.

The top i'm wearing is from Romwe and you can find it here.
The shoes are also from and you can find them here.

I wanted you show you guys one more way to wear this kind of blazers and one of my favorite is with matching (or similar) loose trousers, resulting in a very trendy and elegant pant suit. A suit is something very formal i decided to break the formality with a black band tee and a backpack.

The backpack is from VIPME and you can find it here.

Find the blazer here:

Hope you like both looks.

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