Wednesday, October 5, 2016

black and silver

Love simple mini skirts like this, and i plan to fill my wardrobe with lots of them for this winter.
I'm watching Friends for the third time now, i just missed this TV series so much and all the guys, i love them all and it's so hard to have a favorite when it comes to Friends. Friends and Sex and the City are the 2 series that i keep watching (although i watched Sex and the city around 6 to 8 times, much more than friends) and i hate when i forget some detail of some episode, i immediately have to watch it again.
Now i'am watching season 4 and i love Rachel's outfits, the skirt suits are so amazing and i really want to fill my closet with skirts that look like Rachel's skirts. )0s are so back, for like 7 years now and i love how each year a new 90s trend awakes. At first i really loved the grunge vibe now the clean vibe of the 90s it's what i really dig. 
It's a skirt that can be wear with so many different things, here i decided to be more minimal and elegant and yet edgy by adding a oversized boyfriend shirt wore in a asymmetric way that matches the asymmetric feature of the lace up skirt and black boots with silver details. But it would look amazing with a chunky sweater and some black sheer tights (i've always loved black sheer tights and Rachel uses them a lot with her skirts and suits, the skirt would also look incredible with a crop top and sandals. 


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  2. Your blog and your collection amazing i love it

  3. I LOVE THIS! And I just discovered your blog, highlight of my day!