Friday, April 22, 2016

Sweater and sandals weather

Finally the sun is coming back and it's a little bit warmer, the perfect weather to wear a sweater with sandals. It's a thing that i personally love, the sandals a lot more elegant and the sweater much more casual, and i like that combination.
This sweater is perfect for spring because it's so light and te fabric so soft, it's from SheIn and you can find similar ones here and here.
As the sun is back my closed and weird eyes are back too :D i just can't keep them open during very light days, i can cry literally all day when i'm not wearing sunglasses hahaha, i'm just so sensitive to sun and clarity. And that makes me sad because i love the colors of a sunny day, and i hate when i have to wear sunglasses because they make the day look much darker :(