Thursday, April 21, 2016

Minimal flares

This is my favorite atire now a days: all black, minima and with some 70's vibes, totally me!
This pants are everything really, love them so much because they can bring a 70's vibe without being to boho, they are much more minimal. 
This shirt is my favorite right now, i'm so into shirts again, if they are loose even better and if they are lace up PERFECT! This one comes in white too and i wish i have it too, because is so gorgeous.
The shirt is from Chic Wish and you can find it here.
I love to wear flare pants with pointy heels so much lately, just love how the pointy front appear when i walk. The ankle boots are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.
If you haven't noticed my iPhone case completely matches the wall behind me, that's because Snupped allows you to personalize the cases, the sleeves and everything else, and i decided to use a photo of this wall to make my case, this way i can have a marble case but make it more special using the wall where i usually take my photos.
Also, the cute passport case is from IvyRevel, i'm in love with IvyRevel new items, from clothes to shoes, bags and accessories, go check them out here. 

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