Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Grey knit

Knitted up in grey. Such a comfortable outfit, i literally want to live in this. Although the days are kind of cold the sun as been amazing and i'm trying to take as much photos as i can, so when the rain comeback i can be relaxed because i have some backup posts to do. I love Adidas Superstar since i can remember and i have this pair for ten years, they are a bit old but i love them anyway, a thing that i really like about them is the sole, that is not completely white is kind of a pastel, creamy, yellow tone, like the 80s model what makes them look so good with came and apricot colors. My obsession with grey keeps growing, and this sweater is killing me, love it to death, so chunky and oversized, love to let a shoulder drop a little and this sweater also looks amazing with a pair of black jeans, because it's kinda long (i'm folding it inside he skirt in this look) with a pair of black chunky boots or black tight highs, it can even be wear as a jumper dress, it's from SheIn and you can find it here. The skirt is so cute and comfy is from YYW and you can find it here


  1. Looks so cosy! Gorgeous jumper x

  2. Amazing look, you're gorgeous !