Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cozy scarf

Sometimes i like simple plain looks, things that are easy to wear, to combine and that are comfortable. Today was so warm that i could totally walk around just in a bodycon dress and a scarf. I think one can never have too many dresses, its'a just so nice grab one piece of clothing and be ready. Dresses are for sure my favorite pieces to wear. Although lately i almost only wear boycon midi dress i keep my other ones safe and really close to my heart because dresses always make me happy and feminine no matter the style i choose, or situation i'm in. 
This time i'm wearing a grey one from YYW and you can find it here, it's so comfortable and the fabric is very thick and high quality and it fits me perfect, and that's always very hard because i almost never find dresses that fit me the way i want, this is like a glove.