Saturday, December 5, 2015

B o r d e a u x

I'm feeling the holidays already. It's a time to be more fancy and chic and i love it. 
With so many parties, dinners and nights out everyone can wear more elegant clothes without being over dressed (not that i mind being over dressed at all). 
One thing that i like to pay attention to is the warmth that is inside the restaurantes, bars or anything closed, it's always so hot that look like summer, but outside it's freezing cold and no one likes to have the flu i know i hate it i literally panic just to think about it). So i like to wear outfits that can be warm and fresh at the same time, this one it the perfect example a knit midi skirt paired with a matching crop top in the perfect color for this season, a light burgundy, you can be inside and stay fresh in outfit like this, but if only add a big warm cute coat you can stay outside too and not freeze. 
The skirt i'm wearing is amazing, it fits like a glove and i love the fabric, the length and color of it, it's from FrontRowShop and you can find it here, The top it's from Young Hungry Free and you can find it here
This boots are one thing that i'm so obsessed about lately, they are so perfect, so classic and beautiful, can't get over them, they are from Paper Dolls and you can find them at Little Mistress here