Thursday, October 1, 2015

Light colors

Light colors to end the Summer season just right. (although i'll keep post some summer outfits, that i haven't post yet) This long shirt that i'm wearing as a coat is actually a dress it was stitched together but with a little DIY i opened it and now it can be wear like the dress it was in the beginning but it also can be opened up as a coat, it's from Yoins and you can find it here. The top is an a silky fabric that i love and the color matches the dress/coat so nicely it's also from Yoins and you can find it here. The jeans are from Levi's and i have them forever, they were plain white jeans but i DIY them by ripping them on the knees and cutting them on the bottom. The shoes are a nice touch to keep the look light and they are from Choies and you can find them here.
Hope you like this look!