Sunday, October 4, 2015

Grey jeans and white sneakers

Can you believe i could wear this literally yesterday? The weather was just perfect! Warm but not to hot, perfect to wear this, today it's raining a lot and the day is so dark and much cold :( I love warm beginnings of fall they are my favorite time of the year, that and warm Springs, because i don't like Summer or Winter a lot, and when they start very cold looks like they don't even exist and it's winter already! This outfits is as comfortable and casual as one can be. Love the color of this jeans, wanted a nice pair of grey jeans for so long and this Rum Jungle ones are perfect, you can find them here. The top is one of those piece os clothes that i want to wear a lot and that makes me sad about the end of summer, because i really want to wear it everyday. It's so gorgeous, love the open back, the color and fabric are just too cool, isn't boring at all, i can imagine it with gym/sporty grey short and a pair of heels or also sneakers, will have to wait 'till next summer :( The top is from Style Moi and you can find it here