Saturday, July 4, 2015

White flowers

 A romantic black and white look today. Love to wear romantic looks like this to special events like a dinner with my boyfriend or a festive holiday lunch. This skirt is so romantic that i can wear it with everything and still look chic. It's from Chic Wish and is on sale now, so hurry up and buy one here for those special summer nights ahead. The long cardigan is from SheInside and it finishes the look, you can find it here. 


  1. Love that skirt.. such a pretty pattern!! :)

    And those shoes are amazing.. love all those cute straps!! :)

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  2. Such a good combo- love it x
    Holly x

  3. Super romantic! Really interesting shoes, too. They remind me of lace-up ballet slippers.

  4. Great outfit, love the skirt ♥