Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sporty vibes

Hi! Mt style is really changing later and sporty look are becoming my favorite one. Grey can really gives a look the sporty vibe, actually i never loved grey but now i want to wear it all the time, because i think is so chic and minimal that the sporty part of it is just a little part. Lately i'm wearing all my Converse All star again, this pair is a different one, this are kind of distreesed, they have that acid wash look and the back is a little bit ripped, also the white rubber part was painted in black to make them look even more distressed, but with use and machine washes that part disappeared, but when i was a teenager i was obsessed with completely dirty all star, when i bought some new pair i used to paint them with eyeliner to make them look older. So i fell in love with this pair the moment i saw them. This top plus skirt combination is from New Yorker, New Yorker has amazing sporty pieces, from jersey midi skirts to crop tops or tight dresses, and i just love this combination because it's so comfortable!


  1. I just discovered your blog and I fell in love with you, you're soooo beautiful <3
    Need to check every single outfit! You look stunning, these clothes were made for you <3

  2. Love the details in this with the tie-front shirt and wrap skirt.

    Rachel |

  3. great outfit! love<3