Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Red dress

Can you believe i'm not wearing black at all? -well i'm lying my watch is black :)- but besides the watch and the hair of course nothing else is black in this outfit only red and white! When i first saw this dress i thought it was burgundy and then when it arrived i noticed that the color was more bright than i thought, more red, and ended up linking it much more. A red dress is such a statement piece! And this is one of my favorite dresses because the color makes it so elegant and chic and i can wear sneakers or more sporty/casual pieces with it and the look will always look polished! I'm seriously planing to buy much more red cloths for this summer! Well this one is from OASAP and you can find it here. Finally can post more often because my classes are over and that overwhelming fase full of assignments is coming to an end. Have so many things to show you guys that i almost need to post more then one look a day :) Hope you like this one.


  1. Oh dear, you look so lovely and the red dress compliment you pale skin.. love it!


  2. Red clothing is such a declaration part! And this is one of my favorite dresses since the color makes it so elegant and stylish and i can wear sneakers or additional sporty/casual smithereens with it and the appearance will always look refined online shopping

  3. Nice look:) xx

  4. Such a gorgeous dress, red really suits you! x

  5. I really love that you've paired this with Converse. Really makes the dress work for day or night. Although backless always scares me - not made for us larger chested girls!

    Rachel |

  6. Red is such an amazing colour on you, the fact you've worn converse with a dress makes me love your style a little bit more!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane