Friday, March 13, 2015

Knit weather

Being wearing very casual outfits lately, jeans + sweaters are all i'm wearing lately. I'm really excited about the weather this is my fav time of the year, everything so bright and not too cold or to hot, and my favorite fabric for this weather is knit, because it can be warm and fresh when the wind hits you. The white sweater i'm wearing is form Young hungry Free and you can buy it here. The cape is so practical and warm me up a little right in the morning or at night. Also i'm loving to wear brown lips instead of red or burgundy, want to try every shade of brown. 


  1. Nice look:) xx

  2. really cool outfit !
    xo, lena

  3. Love it! Poncho is great and pics are awesome! *o*

  4. you are perfection! xo