Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am home again

Hi! Thos weather perfect for maxis, 'cause is really hot and thare is a lot of wind so it feels so good to wear a maxi skirt, it's so confortable. Have this one for ages i'm not sure if i ever posted a look wearing it but i believe not, i love it, the color the pleated style the fabric, is so elegant so i love to mix it with something more casual like a band t-shirt, chose this Kiss one because i love the color n it and they go really well with the color of the skirt. I was missing my deep dark pueple lipstyck so much you will see it again a lot for sure. Hope you like this post.


  1. Yet another stunning look from you <3


  2. love how you paired everything black with pastel skirt,you look so cool!

  3. I really love your shirt!

  4. I love the mix of elegant and grunge as well. There's just something about that juxtaposition that is so unique and intriguing.