Monday, May 19, 2014

And we would go on as though nothing was wrong.

Hi! Last summer i almost didn't wear all of  my denim shorts, have lots of cutted ones. One of the reasons why is that i always had a hard time to find comfortable shorts, from all of my shorts, around 10 pairs, i believe, i have one pair alone that i find comfortable, this ones, all of the other are to tight or to short, or they just don't fit me as i wanted. I don't know if any of you guys have the same issue? Now i know how to choose them, two sizes above my jean size, and i actually prefere to fold them then to cut them very short, and i love the loose fit of it. Hope you like this post.


  1. I definitely have the exact same problem with finding some comfortable denim shorts. Even the ones that are most flattering are pretty uncomfortable. I love this outfit and that ribbon accessory! The perfect amount of grunge and class in my opinion! Lovely


  2. really rock :) i like it :)

  3. I have that problem too! They never fit me perfectly, and when they fit me well, they're not comfortable! It's so annoying.
    PS: Love your outfit! Your blog is one of my faves :)