Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've seen you smile but I've never really heard you laugh

Hi! finally took some pics wearing this dress, well this was designed by me. It was actually a coat that i didn't like but i loved the fabric and the color. So i have this made in october i guess try to take some pics but turned out awful, i wasn't in the mood for photos. Then i took this and i kinda like them :) love to combine it with white, but this time i tried a darker version using a black turtle neck and to had some contrast my acid wash denim jacket, it is my fav with everything in my wardrobe! My hair was so bad this day, it was a very humid day. Hope you like this.


  1. <3 amazing and your dress looks great <3

  2. ah I love your outfit! <3 your banner picture is great too!x
    Holly x

  3. That is so awesome that you upcycled a coat into a dress! The combination with the denim jacket is the best. What's the fabric? I thought it was velvet at first but coats aren't usually made of velvet.


  4. love it <3