Tuesday, February 4, 2014

But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you

Hi! I was missing this parka jacket, is the jacket that i use in my first post on the blog, and i haven't wore it for more than 1 year, i love it but is to cold on winter and to warm in autumn, never know how to use it, i had plans to apply fake fur on the inside and then it would be perfect to use in cold days, but the winter is coming to an end and i actually forgot about. I love to match this type of parkas with floral grunge inspired dresses, and docs or creepers, and beanies, i will definitely took some pics with that kind of outfit. This time i chose a all black look with a leather skirt a velvet and leather top.

Don't be afraid of the pictures of the little black devil, ahah, is just my evil puppy, always making evil things :)


  1. I really want that skirt, and god, you're so beautiful !


  2. Awesome blog... You should contact us about guest blogging.. We would love to interview you!!!


  3. Love that skirt xo


  4. I have to agree about the florals with that parka. It would look so awesome dressing down prints with something more structured. I'm really liking this outfit. You're giving me ideas of what to wear with the crop top that I just bought. Buying crops in winter probably wasn't the smartest choice but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


  5. I absolutely love how you pair things... And your dog is so cute! It reminds me of Stitch from Lilo&Stitch ;)

  6. that skirt goes really well with your outfit! And that parka jacket doesn't look like something you bought a year ago, love the way you combine everything, making something old look in-trend <3