Sunday, December 15, 2013

These sensations barely interest me for another day

Hi! Took this look over a month ago, already posted the look on Lookbook, but never got the time to post it here. Well, it is been so long since my last post and i was sooooo full of work to college, i have no time for nothing really, even eat, i lost a weight this past few weeks because i just worked to college, it is tuff guys. Well about the look i have this leggings for more than a year i bought them from Romwe but never took pics with them, i kinda don't like them, well i love the color and the material but they have a very drop waist that doesn't look good on me and they are very short in the legs, they weren't made for me for sure. But one of this days try them out and like the result so here it is. I have a hand full of looks for you to see this week keep tuned. Hope you like it:)

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