Monday, November 25, 2013

The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye.

Hi! As i told you yesterday you will see my new JCs a lot, love this combination, a little less grunge than usual more "badass" ahahah is a style that i love. All black -thats usual :)- and lots of leather. Today i will talk a little about my makeup lately, well for years i used the cat eye with black eyeliner always loved it but, unlike almost all people i know, i don't actually like very large eyes, i prefer little eyes almond shaped and lately the cat eye eyeliner makes my eyes look much larger and much round and it's the type of makeup i didn't had the patience to do every single day to go to school, so i found the perfect makeup for me, much more natural, looks so good with my brunet hair and just love how it looks with bold dark lips, so now i just use brown eye shadow and mascara, i love how much power it gives to my eyebrows. And i believe it suites me better, though in especial occasions i will put my eyeliner on for sure ;)  I hope you like this post.