Sunday, November 24, 2013

In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it.

Hi! Loved today searching for new places. The weather was so warm, perfect to wear a long sleeve crop top or a t-shirt. And me and my boyfriend went to this place, a old factory with the machines inside right by our place, so near that i don't know why i never went there before, my boyfriend always told me that it would be very pretty and we should take some pics inside it. So today was the day, felt in love with it and had to take pic to everything. Love the colors inside. About my look, just a simple look with skinny jeans, plaid and leather but everything put together with the perfect boots, i was dying to buy this JCs for so looong and i found a incredible promotion on Karmaloop and had to buy them, so now you will see them a looooot, really, because i can't get enough of it. Hope you like the look, the place and the photos.


  1. cool

    follow foe follow ?

  2. This place is increadible, I love old abandoned places like that.

    1. isn't it awesome? i'm just dying for this bad weather to go and the sun to come to go back there!