Thursday, December 7, 2017

White boots

The white boots trendy totally got me and i will put up a lot of looks wearing this Shuzee boots.
Are you a white shoe fan? I'm usually not, but now i'm so into it, love how vintage it looks.
Even if you're not into white boots, this babies come in black and a lot of metallic colors, go check them out here.
Here i'm wearing a pretty light look, although it has black in it, the whole outfit is very light what is not very usual of my but the boots made me want to try something different.
I absolutely love to wear them in a all black look too, or with earthy tones and a dark pair of jeans, can't wait to put up some styles like that.


  1. heart this look!

  2. I love this double breasted jacket and need it in my life right now <3 also I purchased a pair of white boots because I fell in love with how cool it looks!

  3. wooow! I'm impressed! brilliant pictures