Monday, December 11, 2017

Plaid coat and brown boots.

Favorite coat of the moment and favorite pair of boots of the moment, and absolute favorite coat + boot combo of the moment!
As you all know i'm such a sucker for plaid and check, always have been, and i love to wear plaid from head to toe, so the big coat is amazing if you want that strong plaid look. What i love the most about it is that it's not only black and white (although you barely can see it in the photos) it also has a light brown lighter plaid over the black and white and that's my favorite part, because i can play much more and match it with camel colors, beiges, and browns, and at the same time is neutral enough to be wore with any color.
The coat is from Metisu and you can find it here. It's my first time buying at Metisu and i completely fell in love with the quality of their clothes, this is such a great coat, and the turtleneck sweater i'm wearing is also from Metisu, it's so soft and warm, and i absolutely love the shape of it. I love to pair a good plaid coat with a roll neck sweater, it's the perfect basic, you can find this one here.
The boots are my latest favorite, have them for a week or less and already wore them 4 times x) they are from Prof and you can find them here, if you're a "only black boot" kind of girl they come in black too.